From: markus mooslechner (
Date: Tue Sep 02 2008 - 13:39:19 CDT

hi everyone!

i am fairly new to vmd - and (now i am outing myself as an artist with
no scientific academic background) i have a little trouble with some
teeny-weeny newbie issues:

1) i do not really get vmd to render stuff. whenever i hit eg "vrml" or
"pov3" i get the following errors:
/info> executing post-renderer cmd 'true' ....
/and then:/ "true" not found or misspelled/ (i translated the line) //
do i perhaps have to install something in order to be able to render to
/with povray i get the same error - substituting "true" with "povray"
// i figure that vmd needs a path input for povray? where would that be

2) i would like to render my vmd stuff either in finalrender-stage2 or
cinema4d. what would be the right output-format from vmd?

thank you for reading and helping :)