From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Fri Oct 10 2008 - 14:47:28 CDT

On Fri, 10 Oct 2008, Alfredo Quevedo wrote:

hello alfredo,

AQ> Hello VMD users. I have recently installed VMD in my new computer
AQ> running Linux Mandriva 2008 Spring edition. The installation was ok,
AQ> but when running the program the Main Menu windows shows the menues
AQ> out of format, that is to say that the words are big, are
AQ> superimposed and some menus are not displayed, like the HELP menu
AQ> and EXTENSIONS menu. Is there any way to configure the resolution of
AQ> the display of the main menu.

this has nothing to do with this, but rather the selection and
setup of your X server fonts and a "features" of the widget library
that creates the main menu (FLTK). the widget library tries to find
a matching font, but the one that it finds on your machine does not
have the correct metrics. this can happen if you have fixed resolution
fonts taking precedence over scalable fonts (which is done for enhanced

thus shuffling around the entries in the font path (to put
a preference to scalable fonts) or installing fonts with
correct metrics or deinstalling fonts with incorrect metrics
can make the difference. you should also check if your installation
has all bugfixes applied.


AQ> Thanks in advance for the help,
AQ> Alfredo Quevedo

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