From: Brian Kidd (
Date: Tue Oct 28 2008 - 00:42:41 CDT


i have a number of pdb files that make up a trajectory and i wanted
to use the beta and occupancy columns as variables that contain
information about the state of particular atoms. in principle, i
should then be able to use the beta or occupancy coloring method and
the atoms ought to change color during the trajectory in
correspondence with their beta or occupancy values. however, when i
load a set of pdb files and a psf file into vmd, the beta and
occupancy values match the numbers in the last pdb file and are
constant throughout the entire trajectory. this statement has been
verified by querying the beta and occupancy values for various frames
in the trajectory. is there a way to use the information in these
columns as i've outlined? does vmd simply discard this information
for all the other frames?