From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Sun Jan 11 2009 - 14:37:10 CST

On Sun, 11 Jan 2009, Peter Freddolino wrote:


PF> Why render a .ps? Using a real renderer (like tachyon) to give a raster
PF> image generally gives better results, and you can then use imagemagick
PF> ( to convert the
PF> resulting .tga files to whatever format Office wants.

please note, that on windows tachyon also writes .bmp files
(at least this is what i gathered from looking at vmdmovie.tcl).
it seems more that the respective import filters don't handle
the .bmp "flavor" that VMD/Tachyon generate. so a conversion
by a "proper" tool would always be required.


PF> Best,
PF> Peter
PF> Irene Newhouse wrote:
PF> > I've got a PC running Vista, & am having fits with rendering. If I write
PF> > a .ps file,
PF> > the resolution is awful, and you can see the little polygons that make
PF> > up new
PF> > cartoon, and lines & licorice look jagged.
PF> >
PF> > If I write a .bmp file, the only piece of software I have that can open
PF> > the file is the Microsoft Picture Manager, but it has no capacity to
PF> > save as a
PF> > different file format. If I try to insert the file into a Microsoft
PF> > Office package -
PF> > Word or even Publisher - it cannot open the file, either as Windows
PF> > bitmap or
PF> > Windows enhanced bitmap.
PF> >
PF> > Is there a workaround?
PF> >
PF> > Thanks!
PF> > Irene Newhouse
PF> >
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