From: Steve Massard (
Date: Fri Apr 10 2009 - 04:35:45 CDT


unfortunatly i'm having problems installing my TCL plugin (with GUI).
I readed the explications in the programmers guide an the example here:
But i am still having problems with the vmd.rc file

In fact i have created a package of my tcl scripts (pkg_mkIndex) which
contains all the needed files for the calculations and the scripts for
the GUI. (package provide myplugin 1.0)

As my plugin is divided in 3 main "tools" i have created 3 interfaces.
So i would like to have an extra menu for every function under the
"extensions" ("extension/myplugin/tool1","extension/myplugin/tool2",...)

I have tried things like that:
vmd_install_extension myplugin tool1GUI "myplugin/Tool1"
vmd_install_extension myplugin tool2GUI "myplugin/Tool2"
vmd_install_extension myplugin tool3GUI "myplugin/Tool3"

But it doesn't work.

I hope that somebody can give some more explainations on "how to
register/install" my plugin (or that somebody knows a good turtorial site)

Thank you very much for your answers.

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