From: Andres Morales N (
Date: Mon May 11 2009 - 21:44:55 CDT

I have a clsuter of strcutures, so I need to align them and to get the average structure. I tried with this script:

set seltext "protein"

set mol top;

set stride 1;

set frame_start 0;

set num_steps [molinfo $mol get numframes]

set frame_end $num_steps;

set frame_reference 0;


#Aligning Selection



set sel [atomselect $mol "$seltext"];

set reference [atomselect $mol "$seltext" frame $frame_reference]

set compare [atomselect $mol "$seltext"]

set all [atomselect $mol all]

for {set frame $frame_start} {$frame < $frame_end} {} {

$compare frame $frame

$all frame $frame

set trans_mat [measure fit $compare $reference]

$all move $trans_mat

set rmsd [measure rmsd $compare $reference]

puts "$frame $rmsd"

set frame [expr $frame + $stride];


display update


#Average Structure Calculation

set frame 0;

set indices 0;

lvarpop indices;

set newcoords 0;

lvarpop newcoords;

set num_steps2 [expr (($frame_end - $frame_start) / $stride) + 1]

puts "The number of steps is $num_steps2"

set inv_num_steps [expr 1.0 / $num_steps2]

set indices [$sel get index];

foreach indice $indices {

set suma [veczero];

puts "Index is $indice";

for {set frame $frame_start} {$frame < $frame_end} {} {

set seli [atomselect $mol "index $indice" frame $frame];

set coord [$seli get {x y z}];

foreach pieza $coord {

puts "The coordinates are $coord en frame $frame";

set suma [vecadd $suma $pieza];


set frame [expr $frame + $stride];

$seli delete;


set resul [vecscale $inv_num_steps $suma];

lappend newcoords $resul;


set frame 0;

$sel set {x y z} $newcoords;

$sel writepdb average_selection.pdb

display update;



But I did not get good results. I measured rgyr of averaged structure and it was around 8 A, so I measured rgyr of all structures from cluster, and everyone was about 11 A. So I think something is wrong with alignment. But I do not know what. I wait somebody can help me.


Also I was trying with the script Alignment to principal axes from It is only for one strcuture.

If somebody know how to use it to align many strcutures with that, please help me.


Thanks a lot






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