Date: Wed May 13 2009 - 13:55:31 CDT


I just installed VMD(1.8.6 compiled from source code) on my linux machine (running ubuntu 9.04) and all went well during the installation but when I start the application the red green and blue colors of the spinning VMD letters and the coordinate axes keep flickering back and forth between white and the colors theyre supposed to be.  I thought this odd but still went on to try and use the program to do a simmulation but everytime I load in a structure generated by LAMMPS code no picture shows up and there are zero time steps even though it recognizes how many atoms there should be and the time steps are specified.  I have already ran the same simulation succesfully on a different machine and I have all the latest openGL, tcltk, and fltk libraries.  What should I do?

-Cody Knowles