From: Alberto Sergio Garay (
Date: Wed Jun 03 2009 - 14:17:07 CDT

Dear Axel

I have just upload the gro and xtc(short) files of my simulation and
the tcl/tk script (my_pbc_to_send_to_vmd_list.scr) in the public
biocore project. As you suggest I create a folder called testfiles. To
run the script you should source it and then write:

rsel 49 10

Doing this you will be selecting the residue 49 (dmpc molecule) and
all the molecules within a radio of 10 A.

Before run it I had busy 190 Mb of ram memory and after run it I had 540 Mb.

The problem is: I need to run the script on a long trayectory which
consumes all the memory of my pc.

Could you give any suggestion of how to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance.


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