From: kumar prashanth (
Date: Fri Jun 26 2009 - 08:03:21 CDT

Dear VMD experts

I am working on a lipid bilayer system with large trajectories.
My original trajectory files have a lot of water and lipid residues.
I wanted to break down the original trajectories into smaller ones
containing only a select number of lipids .
Also the problem I face is that the number of lipid molecules in my
selection changes for every frame.

I wanted to use the "animate write dcd my_file_name beg end sel $sel
waitfor mol_number" command.
Here,I would like to know whether my sel is automatically updated while
writing every frame in the new file or I will have to use the $sel frame
$i and $sel update manually.

Also,let me know how I can load a trajectory in batches of say 150 frames
,as VMD crashes while loading most of the trajectory files.