From: Erik Abrahamsson (
Date: Tue Jun 30 2009 - 18:25:41 CDT

Hi all,

Just for you information, our group has recently developed BioVEC, a
simple program specifically intended for visualizing coarse-grained
molecules with elliptic constituents. The orientation of the ellipsoids
is specified either by quaternions or in the ANISOU format. BioVEC is
basic and simple, but until VMD includes the feature of drawing
ellipsoids, BioVEC might be a suitable compliment.

The program and source code can be downloaded from
The paper, accepted for publication in JMGM, describing BioVEC can be
found at


Erik Abrahamsson

Original message:
> Hi all
> Is there any simple way to display elliptic molecules in VMD?
> Lots of people doing modeling of liquid crystals with GB molecules
> and plotting it in some software.
> Is it VMD or something else? In case it is not VMD : what is that?
> It is rather easy to plot them (ellipsoids) in Matlab, but it is
> horribly slow for a periodic box of sensible size.
> Thanks
> Leonid

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