From: Roland Schulz (
Date: Sat Jul 04 2009 - 08:13:37 CDT


is our understanding correct that the 10% clause in VMD is not GPL

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From: Erik Lindahl <>

1) We need to be able to distribute the code as GPL/LGPL (instead of a
combination of licenses). The 10% clause probably doesn't fly with this,
since the one could imagine 10 different people copy 10% each, distribute as
GPL, then somebody else (who gets it under strict GPL, where there cannot be
side clauses) merges it and has the original code under GPL.

If so, is there a chance that you could release a PluginMgr equivalent
example code under a GPL compatible license (e.g. University of Illinois
Open Source License). That would allow other GPL software packages to easily
use the VMD plugins.


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