From: Jeremias Corradi (
Date: Sat Sep 19 2009 - 11:10:11 CDT

finally, i was wating for hours to download the files the program suggests
me in order to update Multiseq... but today, when i traied to work again
with multiseq, vmd asked me again to download the same files and overwrited
those that it had downloded before!!! On the other
hand, if i try to work anyway, without these updates, the program show me an
error massage when i try to performe the STAMP alignment:

           "The STAMP alignment failed with the following error message:
couldn't open "c:/multiseq-8593133049361935.start.domain": permisson

Is this error related with the uptade that i need? or is a different
thanks for any help

Jeremías Corradi
Camino La Carrindanga Km7. CC857. B8000FWB.
54-291-4861201 (int. 124)

Bahía Blanca, Argentina