From: Andreas Wagenmann (
Date: Thu Sep 24 2009 - 09:28:50 CDT


im currently trying to approximate a molecule for a coarse-grained
simulation and paint the simulation process in vmd. I scripted an mpeg
creation, but would love to have just the frames in vmd to be more
flexible (camera angles and so on).
I couldnt find anything to define a frame except by loading a coordinate
file. Is there a possibility to create a frame, paint something into it
and go on with the next?
Apart from "animate dub" I couldnt find anything, but using this, all
frames are the same (either all animation frames painted above each
other (if graphics primitives are not deleted) or just the last one (in
case on each frame the primitives are deleted).

Maybe there is a very very simple solution to this to make VMD a very
flexible animation tool?

Thanks a lot,