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Date: Fri Oct 02 2009 - 13:06:45 CDT

On Fri, 2009-10-02 at 12:18 -0500, Martin K. Jones wrote:


> I’m using VMD 1.8.6 on Windows XP, and it seems that stride can fail
> to calculate correctly if the coordinates of my molecule are outside
> of some as yet to be determined bounds. The problem is, I have not
> seen any error messages displayed with regard to this failure. In my
> case, roughly half of my molecule gave incorrect results with stride.

how should anybody be able to help you with this?

please keep in mind that a) stride is shipped with VMD, but
not really maintained by the VMD developers (it is effectively
unmaintained and if somebody would step up and implement the
stride algorithm or something better(?) to be run from within
VMD, it would be _highly_ welcome), and that b) you don't
provide and means to reproduce your problems, e.g. file(s)
and screenshots and an explanation what you expect and what
you get instead.


p.s.: the current version of VMD is 1.8.7. due to the long
time since the release of 1.8.6, it is possible that
you have run into a known and fixed problem.

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> Martin
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