From: MyLinkka (
Date: Mon Oct 05 2009 - 17:40:16 CDT

Expecting the special version here too!
Thanks for the updated news!


John Stone wrote:
> Hi,
> From your description, it sounds like you have another
> package on your machine that has installed a conflicting version
> of the Tcl/Tk libraries, and has put their (conflicting) versions
> into the global Windows DLL search path such that they override
> the ones VMD intends to use. You can determine if this is the case
> by searching for other Tcl/Tk libs like this:
> cd c:\
> dir /s tcl*.dll
> If you see any other than the ones in the VMD installation
> directory, then that's a likely cause of your problem.
> The other package(s) that have done this are at fault, as
> they should _not_ be putting their own DLLs into the global
> library search path. In any case, try that out and let me know
> what turns up. I am working on making a special build of VMD
> that uses statically linked Tcl/Tk libs specifically to avoid
> this problem which has become much more prevalent recently due to
> the actions of a few poorly packaged applications that are popular
> in our field...
> Cheers,
> John Stone
> On Thu, Oct 01, 2009 at 08:57:00PM -0600, Ronald Salesky wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I installed a copy of VMD for my home laptop and VMD
>> crashes right after launch. The OS is WinXP media center
>> edition. System memory 1 GB. I've tried the suggestions to
>> update the graphics driver w/ no improvement. I also set
>> the environment variable VMDSIMPLEGRAPHICS to 1 also w/ no
>> improvement.
>> Any suggestions?
>> Thanks,
>> Ron
>> PS: graphics driver is Intel 945GM Express chipset. Not
>> the world's hottest laptop, but I just want to go through
>> the manuals at home to increase my VMD knowledge for the
>> real research at university.