From: Ale Gomez (
Date: Wed Nov 11 2009 - 17:56:44 CST

Hi Choi Hee
I am actually running VMD in ubuntu karmic and I didn't had any missed
library when I installed it. Are you complete sure that you download the
correct binarie file???. What exactly is your error???. Probably I can help
you with more information.

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2009/11/11 ChoiHeeSung <>

> Dear vmd users,
> VMD can not open in ubuntu 9.10, even if I followed the instruction in the
> webpage(
> The big problem is I can not install missing libraries in ubuntu 9.10.
> Whenever I tried to install them, it failed.
> Did anyone solve the bug in ubuntu 9.10?
> Choi, HeeSung
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