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Date: Mon Mar 08 2010 - 14:05:52 CST

Download the Linux version from here:

It is better if you save it to a newly created folder. Let's assume
this folder is called msms and it is on your Desktop.

Open a terminal and type

cd ~/Desktop/msms


tar zxvf msms_i86Linux2_2.6.1.tar.gz

this will decompress the file. This assumes you have downloaded the
i86 version. The command:


will tell you the names of the files on the current directory.

Test if the programs is working:

./msms.i86Linux2.2.6.1 -if 1crn.xyzr

If it says "MSMS terminated normally" then it is working. Do not
forget to read the readme file.

Next you can create a symbolic link:

sudo ln -s ~/Desktop/msms/msms.i86Linux2.2.6.1 /usr/bin/msms

You will have to enter your user password. This will create a link in
/usr/bin called msms that points to the actual binary.

/usr/bin is in your path and therefore any application willing to run
msms should find it there.

If you have downloaded the file somewhere else you have to change the
paths accordingly. ~ is an abbreviation for your home directory

On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 7:21 PM, Roshan Tasgaonkar <> wrote:
> Hey all!
> I am fairly new to Linux and i am using Ubuntu
> My problem is i am trying to use the MSMS view and dont know how to install
> it.
> its on my desktop, i know it has something to do with
> the environmental variable but i dont know what that means
> I've been trying for a while now and just cant figure it out
> could someone tell me a step by step on how to get it to work?
> Thanks
> Roshan Tasgaonkar
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