From: Marek Maly (
Date: Wed Mar 24 2010 - 17:24:56 CDT

Dear Olaf, John, Ajasja and Axel

first of all thanks a lot for your replies !

I found out that in our PC lab where Win XP 64 bit are installed
VMD works perfectly with given VTF file.

I have to confirm again that on my office PC (Win 32 bit) it does not work
as well
as on PC of my colleague (Windows 32 bit). Also on my emulated Win 32 bit
(Parallels Desktop)
it does not work.

I have again to confirm a true mystery about remote connection.
If I connect from my MAC (PowerBook Pro) using Viscosity
( and
Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac
to my Office Windows machine and start VMD on my office machine using this
remote connection it works !!!
I am really curious about explanation of this strange phenomena.

Anyway if I try to do the same experiment using OpenVPN and the standard
Win Remote Desktop which are
run from my emulated Windows 32 bit (on Parallels Desktop ) from the same
MAC laptop, it does not work.

Regarding to the status of transfer from linux to Win machine, it seems
that Olaf did a great job and
so the VMD can read without problems both types of VTF files (with unix or
dos line endings) I confirmed
this fact on my office machine using above mentioned Viscosity/RDC remote
connection and I also verified
this fact on my native OS X (Snow Leopard 10.6) installation of VMD (again
v. 1.8.7 as in all cases of Windows ver.).


you can find VTF file which I am testing ( ) then also
precise specifications
of all computers/Win versions which I tried ( WinXP_..... ) if on the end
of the name of the picture
is _OK it means that there it works, if there is _KO it means that it does
not work.
I put there also three WinError_... snaps which illustrate VMD crash (
sorry for Czech language ).

So at the end it seems that it is somehow connected with version of Win
system. It can also indicate
that some important software or just .dll library is missing. Also we have
here the mystery with remote connection.

If anybody has any idea/suggestion what to try to make things work
properly I would be really very very grateful !

Thank you in advance !

Best wishes,


Dne Wed, 24 Mar 2010 16:19:33 +0100 Olaf Lenz <>

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> Hi!
> On 03/24/2010 11:31 AM, Marek Maly wrote:
>> I encountered a problem regarding visualisation of .VTF trajectory files
>> (which are produced by Espresso simul. software)
>> using VMD (v.1.8.7) under Windows XP (32 bit). Whenever I try to
>> visualise given .VTF file on my Win Office machine
>> I obtain immediate VMD crash refering to
>> Did anybody encountered the same problem ? Is there any solution
>> available ? Does anybody know about another free software which is
>> possible to use under Windows (without any problems) for visualisation
>> of .VTF files ?
> The only problem I know of occured in an older version and had to do
> with the windows line endings. However, I though that I had fixed that
> problem for VMD 1.8.7.
> I have never used VMD on Windows, so I cannot say much more on that. I
> thought that the vtfplugin-code is generic enough code to run also on
> Windows.
> If you are able to debug the code, I would be happy to hear of it, but
> otherwise I cannot test anything as I have no development Windows
> machine anywhere.
> Olaf
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