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Date: Mon Nov 08 2010 - 13:22:50 CST

On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 1:37 PM, quantrum75 <> wrote:
> Hi There,
> I am newbie when it comes to a lot of advanced functionality of VMD. I have question regarding the 3D visualization of protein molecules. I run a Linux system with following configuration.
> 1) OS - Linux Ubuntu, 10.0 version
> 2) Graphics Card - NVidia GeForce 9800 with 2 GB RAM with CUDA acceleration
> 3) VMD 1.8.7
> 4) I also bought some stereo glasses (One eye piece is red and other is blue kind of thing, bought off ebay...oops).
> 5) A Samsung syncmaster 22 inch LCD display

> I have failed in every way to be able to visualize the molecules in 3D. I have tried the various options in VMD to display the molecules and visualize them with the glasses without any success. Is there are straightforward tutorial of some sorts which can tell me what to get to be able to see the molecules in 3D? I know I am doing something very stupid. But I have not been able to see any place a straight forward explanation of how to visualize the molecules in 3D (including the mailing lists)

3D viewing functionality is not VMD specific.

i hope you didn't pay much for the glasses, because they are
useless for VMD as it currently does not support anaglyph stereo.

the "normal" stereo display requires a Quadro Family graphics card
(for quad buffered stereo) and synchronized shutter glasses. your
"consumer grade" card would only be able to do stereo in fullscreen.
there are rumors, that one can use consumer cards for scanline
interleaved stereo, but i never got to test it (i have a boss that was
willing to dig deep enough into his pockets to come up with the
cash for a quadro fx5800 in my desktop)


> Thanks!
> Rama

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