From: ABEL Stephane 175950 (
Date: Fri Dec 03 2010 - 12:18:26 CST

Many thanks John for your advices and the links.
An additional question: as said in my previous message, i can generate a *.pyg file, however this file gives a *tiff file with a low resolution 504X480. It is possible by using the with render command in VMD to generate natively a *.pyg file with a higher resolution, say 800 x 600 ? If yes, how ?
Thank you again for your help


De: John Stone []
Date: ven. 03/12/2010 18:55
À: ABEL Stephane 175950
Objet : Re: vmd-l: use gelato render with VMD 1.8.7 for movie

  You can write simple scripts to do this type of thing, you'll want to
look at the movie rendering example scripts here:

If you just want to be able to use ambient occlusion lighting, you can
actually do that much more easily using the built-in Tachyon renderer,
as described here:
and here:

  John Stone

Also, Tachyon works automatically with the VMD movie maker plugin
so you wouldn't have to write your own scripts.

On Thu, Dec 02, 2010 at 01:22:36PM +0100, ABEL Stephane 175950 wrote:
> Hi VMD users,
> I would like to make a movie of my MD trajectory with by using gelato render available in VMD 1.8.7 like in this site
> I can create a *.pyg file for one frame with render command available in File->File Render Controls -> Render Command. But How to do the same things for frames taken from MD ?
> Moreover, to convert the pyg file to image i use the gelato program dowloaded from NVIDIA. The tiff file obtained has 504X480 resolution. How to increase image the resolution say 800 X 600
> Thank you in advance for your advices
> Stéphane

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