From: Ӵ (
Date: Wed Dec 22 2010 - 03:30:20 CST

 Hi vmd-builder,
I am a new vmd-user, and going to use the metal_enviroment.tcl to analyze the pdbfile which contains ion calcium.

 As you mentioned in the description that the script cant distinguish betweencalcium and alpha carbon in the RSCB pdbfile, I want to download the pdbfile and modifysymbol ofcalcium in it . modifying in script also needed.
Modify in the script: mol pdbload $entry => mol new $entry.pdb; ZN =>CAL
Downloadpdbfile from RSCB which containscalcium and modify it : the symbol forcalcium CA => CAL.
But I got no result, I dont know why, can you help me?
Thank you and merry Christmas!
ChunLi Pang
>From China!