From: Teletchéa Stéphane (
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 21:06:37 CDT

Le sam 26/07/2003 à 03:37, John Stone a écrit :
> but longer term we would like to
> implement a full-fledged VMD preferences system. I hope to have a
> rudimentary "VMD startup preferences" plugin written before we
> release VMD 1.8.2,

Yes exactly.

For the i18n program, i was just wondering how easy i could be, but it
seems it has not been developped whith that purpose in mind. It was
merely only a question, and the startup preferences is also something
not very important, it is just a suggestion.

Above all : thanks a lot for your wonderful software !


Teletchéa Stéphane <>