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Date: Mon Jul 28 2003 - 02:13:51 CDT

>>> "ST" == Shantipriya Tenneti <> writes:

ST> Dear Mr.Stone,
ST> I have loaded a .xyz file having 1242 atoms & got .pdb as the output..

ST> When I loaded it into VMD.. I saw the molecular structure but then, it only has a single frame.

ST> I even got a history file from DL_POLY having 10 time steps & loaded it into VMD but then it still showed me a single frame.

ST> Am I not doing things correctly? how can I get multiple frames so that I could see the animated molecular structure?

ST> -Shanti

dear shanti,

this should be fixed in the upcoming version 1.8.2 of vmd.
in the meantime you should be able to read your xyz files using
the 'Convert from: XYZ' file type, i.e. implicitely running it through

hope this helps,

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