From: John Stone (
Date: Mon Mar 07 2011 - 14:53:43 CST

Dear VMD-L,
  I've just posted VMD 1.9 beta 3 for download.

Beta 3 is effectively feature-complete and I am now
just trying to squash any major bugs that haven't
already been fixed.

Of particular note in VMD 1.9 beta 3:
  VMD 1.9 beta 3 is compiled against the latest
stable FLTK version 1.1.10. This should fix a few outstanding
issues with the behavior of the graphical interface on MacOS X.
I would very much like to hear from any MacOS X users that
encounter any new problems with the GUI in this beta version.

Another significant change to this beta for MacOS X relates
to the way that the NVIDIA CUDA libraries are linked to the
application. More Mac users should now see their machines
detect and benefit from CUDA acceleration in VMD than was
the case previously. The NVIDIA CUDA drivers still have
installed (a separate download) in order for CUDA support to
be enabled for MacOS X, even with these changes.

I am also seeking feedback from Windows users, in case people
have trouble running either the CUDA or non-CUDA builds for Windows.

If you have trouble downloading, installing, or running
the beta versions, please let me know so we can resolve
any lingering issues before the final release.

I am hoping to make the final VMD 1.9 release in the next
week to 10 days if no major problems arise.

The release notes and documentation for this beta version
are posted here and will be updated as I close in on the
final release:

  John Stone

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