From: 3D SIG (
Date: Fri Apr 15 2011 - 14:38:03 CDT

Dear Colleague,

We are happy to announce 3Dsig 2011: Structural Bioinformatics &
Computational Biophysics, the main annual event of the field to occur 15-16
July in Vienna, Austria.
Abstract submission deadline is May 1st 2011.
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3Dsig is the largest satellite meeting of ISMB and includes two full days of
invited keynotes, talks selected from submitted abstracts, discussions and
poster-laptop sessions.

Confirmed keynote speakers include:
* Janet M. Thornton, EBI, UK, After dinner keynote
* Dmitrij Frishman, TU-Munich, Germany
* Ruth Nussinov, UCLA-DOE, USA / TAU, Israel
* Christine A. Orengo, UCL, UK
* Mark S.P. Sansom, Oxford, UK
* Torsten Schwede, SBI, U. of Basel, Switzerland
* Manfred J. Sippl, U. of Salzburg, Austria
* Rebecca C. Wade, EMBL, Germany

Relevant topics include:
* Application of structure to systems biology
* Structure-based drug discovery including polypharmacology and network
* Structure representation, classification and prediction
* Macromolecular assemblies
* Structure genomics
* Molecular visualization
* Relevant method of structure determination, particularly hybrid methods
* Structure-based function prediction
* Evolution studied through structures
* Docking, analysis, prediction and simulation of biomolecular interactions
such as protein-protein, protein-ligand and protein-nucleic-acids.
* Membrane protein structure analysis and prediction
* Protein dynamics and disorder
* The structural basis of immunology

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Looking forward to seeing you at 3Dsig,

Philip E. Bourne, UCSD (Scientific Chair)
Rafael Najmanovich, U de Sherbrooke, Canada
Ilan Samish, WIS, Israel