From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Wed Jun 22 2011 - 05:56:04 CDT

You cannot change this from within VMD, but you can edit the file
itself and change the unit cell vectors accordingly. Axel.

Axel Kohlmeyer

On Jun 22, 2011, at 6:22, Reza Salari <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am wondering if there is a way to rotate a dx volume file using
> the "move" command?
> If I have a pdb file, I can rotate it around the x axis by running
> these commands:
> set prot1 [atomselect 0 "all"]
> set M [transaxis x 20]
> $prot1 move $M
> Now, I have two dx files that belong to the same protein but in two
> different orientations so I want to re-align one of the dx files.
> However if I load a dx file to VMD and try to assign it to a variable:
> set surf1 [atomselect 0 "all"]
> it fails (probably because the dx file is not a coordinate file and
> hence atomselect doesn't work for it). I've tried a couple of
> different options without luck. So I am wondering if it is possible
> to select a non-coordinate object in the console, for example just
> using its mol_id or similar attributes and not using atomselect?
> I appreciate your help in advance,
> Reza Salari