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Date: Fri Jul 08 2011 - 11:23:30 CDT


Yes the FX 1800 is capable of 3d stereo in linux.

You will not get a flicker free experience like you can with the FX 3800 using the stereo DIN connection. But yes it will work w/o issue.

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Subject: vmd-l: Quadro FX1800 , Stereo and VMD

Dear VMD users,

I am looking into buying a workstation and I would like to add 3D
visualization support for VMD and other molecular visualizers using the
NVIDIA 3D Vision kit.

Currently, I have one workstation with Quadro FX3800 and the setup works
fine for me both with single and dual monitors (Samsung 120 Hz).

I was wondering however if Quadro FX1800 would also work ?
I know it support only a single monitor but I found conflicting reports
on whether it works with 3D in linux or not..

Thanks for sharing your experience

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