From: safron saif (
Date: Mon Aug 01 2011 - 07:22:08 CDT

Dear vmd users,

I am using Materials Studio software to get the structure of Carbon Nanotube
(defective).I got pdb file for the structure from Material Studio.I have
created .inp file and .pgn file for creating the psf file based on this pdb
file.I am generated the .psf file also.The problem is that the generated
.psf file contains only one atom or i am not getting the .psf file for all
the atoms.I couldn't understand where i went wrong.I am attaching the .pdb ,
.inp and .pgn file for CNT with this mail.Please check it and suggest me if
you have any idea to solve this problem.

thanking you,


  • chemical/x-gamess-input attachment: cnt.inp
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