From: rohan uttarwar (
Date: Tue Nov 01 2011 - 16:17:08 CDT


I am working on coarse graining of polymer system. In order to convert my
atomistic trajectory into coarse grained, I am using RBCG plug-in of VMD. I
created a file that defines different beads and now I am able to convert
selected frame of atomistic trajectory into coarse grained one according to
bead definitions that I created. Unfortunately there is no way to convert
more than one frames from atomistic to CG. I have to select individual
frames one by one and convert them into CG structure. Does anyone know how
can I select more than one frames of atomistic trajectory to convert into
coarse grained trajectory?

Any kind of suggestion would be very appreciated,

Rohan G. Uttarwar
PhD Student
Dept. of Chemical Engg & Material Science,
Wayne State University,
Detroit, MI.