From: Philippe Bopp / temporary (
Date: Wed Nov 23 2011 - 04:48:33 CST

 Hi all, a day's worth of googling could not solve this one: I would like to clip a representation in VdW (and/or) CPK without the black spots that (it seems to me) occur when a sphere is cut by a clip plane (see attached). In other words, I would like the VdW/CPK-atom to be removed as soon as any part of its sphere is cut by a clip plane, not only when the center is above/below the plane. I could also live with something like an atomselect that refers to the clip plane, but could not find that either. A piece of tcl code (at which I am not good at all) would also be welcome. thanks Philippe ----------------- Philippe A. Bopp philippebopp AT (private) Philippe.Bopp AT (office) -----------------