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Date: Tue Jan 10 2012 - 14:43:54 CST

  Do you have quad-buffered stereo stereo fully enabled in the Windows drivers?
This can sometimes cause the sort of problem you're describing. You need
to make sure you've picked a display resolution that supports 120Hz refresh
rate and enable stereo for your normal windows desktop display. Some of
the NVIDIA stuff will work regardless, because it will switch the display
mode on-the-fly. For programs like VMD to work, your display mode has
to be set correctly to enable stereo. Check the info here:


On Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 10:29:36PM +0100, Karel Berka wrote:
> Dear all,A
> I have a difficulties to enable 3D visualization with VMD 1.9 onA new
> machineA
> with Windows 7 Prof and NVidia Quadro 4000 graphics card joined with dual
> link DVI cable with Acer NH274H monitor (3D Vision ready)
> Nvidia testing utility does work and I am able to see 3D figures, 3D
> Youtube etc, but it does not help with VMD.
> In VMD where Stereo - Quad Buffered is present and ticked - monitor shows
> two slightly shifted images, but 3D vision glasses does not separate them
> to eyes.A
> Any ideas how I can put VMD running?A
> P.S.: I have the same problem with Pymol and WinCoot, where quad buffered
> stereo should also work so I am quite puzzled.
> Karel "KrA!pnAk" Berka
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