From: John Stone (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2012 - 15:52:40 CDT

  I'm curious about the POV-Ray crash you described. Does VMD
itself crash, or does POV-Ray crash? How much memory does your
computer have? It is possible that either POV-Ray or VMD are
running out of memory. If you can tell me more details of your
machine that would be helpful.

  John Stone

On Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 01:54:54PM -0700, Engelman, Joshua wrote:
> Hello again,
> I've created a simple 1000 particle system that runs for 100 timesteps.
> I've been testing the moviemaker plugin, and have run into a number of
> problems. First, using POV-ray to render causes VMD to crash. Second,
> regardless of the renderer used (Tachyon, Internal Tachyon, Snapshot), the
> movie severely degrades in quality after around .5 seconds (out of 4 in
> the trajectory movie). I know that it has to be small because of the
> compression size, but it shouldn't continue to get worse as the movie
> plays. Any advice?
> Joshua Engelman
> University of Michigan

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