From: Jim Kress (
Date: Thu May 24 2012 - 11:02:18 CDT

I have a 7500 frame gromacs trajectory. I wish to use VMD to make a movie
of its time evolution. I also wish to use the Trajectory smoothing window
size option in VMD to make the movie less frenetic appearing.


I have tried setting the trajectory smoothing window size to 10, since it
gives me a nice, smooth trajectory visualization. However, when I use the
Movie Maker extension/ plugin to make a movie of this smoother playback of
the trajectory, it seems to ignore the smoothing.


Is VMD capable of producing a movie from this smoothed representation of the
trajectory? If yes, how do I accomplish this? If not, is there an
alternative method for generating a smoothed movie of the gromacs


Thanks for any help.