Date: Mon Jun 11 2012 - 17:16:47 CDT

Hey VMD Users

 are still some openings for the 2013 Aspen Center for Physics
computational workshop titled "Molecular Physics of Non-Bonded
Bio-Molecular Interactions". This workshop allows for an enriching and
non-interrupted atmosphere for each person to work on an individual
project while having time to exchange ideas with other attendees. If
you need a higher level of ideas exchange than available by our standard
 E-mail contacts, this workshop should be beneficial to you. So, please
 review the attached advertisement for more workshop details.

 workshop will be in Aspen Colorado and will be assigned a time during
the last two weeks in June to the end of July depending on the needs of
all workshops. Participants can sign up for a two or three week stay
depending on the needs of each individual project. During this period,
the Aspen Music Festival will be in session providing excellent
classical music for participants listening pleasure.

There is
no need for a commitment at this time. We are just looking for
potential participants that may have an interest in attending. If
interested, we just need an E-mail by June 29, 2013 stating your
interest with you affiliation name, E-mail address and if possible, but
not necessary, a workshop project title. Actual applications will be
posted on the Aspen Center for Physics ( web site later
this fall with a application dead line at the end of January 2013.


MPr&d, LLC

By Mark A. Plummer, Manager