From: Ana Celia Vila Verde (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2012 - 02:30:51 CDT

Dear Aramice,

You are asking a very open question, so it is very hard to help you.

Your message suggests that you have not yet done the VMD and NAMD
tutorials available on the website. If this is true, then I strongly
encourage you to do them. Then, look into the topology and parameter
files to try to understand their format. Finally, you should start
trying to build the topology file you want. At that point you will
probably have specific questions which you can pose to the list. You
are much more likely to get a helpful answer then.

Good luck,


On 8/9/12 5:12 PM, aramice Malkhasian wrote:
> Dear friends
> I would like to create topology file for protein I am using the NAMD.
> I dont know how to do it.
> Thank you
> Aramice