From: ragesh c (
Date: Tue Sep 18 2012 - 12:22:58 CDT

       Ragesh c
       National institute of technology,calicut


     i have connected two  graphene sheet   using Add bond tool of VMD. After running in Lammps i checked dump file in VMD and saw that , in the connected area(Add bond) the c-c bond looks so flexible and deform compare to c-c bonds in original graphene.

    one more thing   ..After merging .pdb and .psf file of two graphene sheet  i just added bond. and created new .pdb and .psf file of final structure . then i again loaded .pdb and .psf file of final structure , i expected final structure will be single unit. but when i used  move fragment tool  to move final structure , each graphene sheet acted as seperate fragment and bond between them(which i added using Add bond tool) got elongated....i jus wonder , there is some way to creat solid bond between two structures