From: Derya Meral (
Date: Tue Oct 02 2012 - 13:00:54 CDT

I'm trying to make a high res movie of a trajectory. I am running into
several problems:

1 - I have created 3 representations (1st one colors all proteins based on
index, 2nd and 3rd representations color specific residues) that I want to
be superimposed in the final movie, however whenever I try any Renderer
option other than the Snapshot (Screen Capture), I only see the first
representation (so the individual residue colors I picked do not show up).
How can I deal with this issue?

2 - Using the VMD movie generator with combinations of options such as
Internal Tachyon/Tachyon, Trajectory, Animated GIF/MPEG-1/MPEG-2, I'm
getting very low resolution movies. I have decided that it might be better
to get the ppm files and perhaps use mencoder to do the movie separately.
However, I'd still like to know if I'm getting low res movies from VMD
because of something that I'm overlooking. Is there a way to change the
resolution of the movie in the movie generator?

3 - I am also unable to change the length of the movie for trajectories,
except for the 24, 25 and 30 fps options. Is there any way that the final
movie could be slowed down further other than duplicating images?

Thank you.
Derya Meral