From: mahesh gudem (
Date: Tue Oct 30 2012 - 07:48:21 CDT

Dear VMD Users,

I am new to VMD to make molecular structures. But I have managed well in
making the structures.

Now, I need to draw a dashed line between two atoms in the molecule to
indicate the transition state. This, I have done through TKconsole with
below script

set sel1 [atomselect "index 6 "]
set sel2 [atomselect "index 7"]
# To get coordinates
lassign [$sel1 get {x y z}] pos1
lassign [$sel2 get {x y z}] pos2
# To draw a blue line between the two atoms
draw color blue
draw line $pos1 $pos2 style dotted width 5

Up to here all is fine, I have got the nice dashed line by the above script.

Actually, For me the image of the transition structure having ( 1.8 *
1.8 ) dimensions is only useful. But with these dimensions,
the dashed bond hasn't visible properly. So I want to increase the
space between each dash i.e I want to use (- - - -)
instead of (----). Is there any way to do this ...??

Help me to solve this

Thanks in advance,

Mahesh Gudem.