From: Ray, William (
Date: Thu Nov 29 2012 - 12:22:23 CST


We are working on setting up a Phantom Omni to use with VMD on a CentOS 6 machine. We have confirmed that the Phantom Omni itself works on Windows 7. We are still early in the set up process for CentOS, and were wondering if anyone has any tips on setting it up?

So far we have the PDD installed, and when we run PHANToMConfiguration, the device's serial number is found. When we run PHANToMTest, however, the application comes up, but we are not able to do anything. Since the support at Sensable is fairly minimal for CentOS, we have decided to move on to installing cmake and trying to set up VRPN. Does anyone have any tips on anything to watch out for with the VRPN set up, or on whether we should pursue getting PHANToMTest to actually work?

Thanks for any thoughts anyone might have on this!
Will Ray