From: John Stone (
Date: Wed Nov 19 2003 - 10:22:01 CST

Dear VMD-L,
  I've set the size limit for VMD-L postings to 40,000 bytes. This should
be large enough for reasonable text attachments, code fragments, and scripts,
but eliminate problems with large structure files being sent to the entire
VMD-L readership. The only way we'll get further instances of this problem
then, is if I approve an oversize posting manually, by accident or otherwise.
But I'll be watching out for this so hopefully this is the last of the
outsized VMD-L posts for a while. :)

For those of you wishing to send data files, email them to
and not to, since these files are not only problematic
for dialup email readers, but they are of little general interest to others
on the list anyway.

  John Stone

On Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 11:13:28AM +0100, Eugen Leitl wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 12:11:14PM +0400, Alexandre Vakhrouchev wrote:
> > Would U shorly describe your message, I already deleted it via telnet (too bulky).
> > Thank you,
> > Alex
> List moderator,
> can we please limit the size of list posts, or make attachements off-limits?
> This is the second time a multi-MByte attachement gets posted.
> Please think about poor dialup users, which can only download few kBytes/s
> at a time, typically pay by the minute and have to start from scratch
> once the connection gets dropped.
> While it is possible to simulate a POP3 session via telnet, and delete
> a message manually, no one should have to.
> With the influx of new people into computational sciences we now have folks
> which would cheerfully attach an .iso image, or a TByte trajectory file, and
> hit send.
> This has to be addressed at the infrastructure level.
> -- Eugen* Leitl leitl
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