From: Carolina Penhavel de souza (
Date: Tue Apr 02 2013 - 17:53:54 CDT


I'm using the fftk in VMD version 1.9.2a19, available in Biocore. In the step "Opt. Torsion > Refine", I haven't found the option for change the multiplicity of the dihedrals, existing in previous versions of the VMD. In this option is possible to duplicate dihedrals, but not change the multiplicity. The change of multiplicity is possible just in the option "Opt. Torsion > Dihedral Parameter Settings". I have doubts that is the better manner for this procedure. So, how can I may to proceed?



Carolina Penhavel de Souza
Mestranda em Biofísica Molecular
UNESP - São José do Rio Preto