From: Chavent Mathieu (
Date: Fri May 10 2013 - 12:09:52 CDT

Hi All,

 I am developing a little VMD plugin. In this plugin I would like to display/hide several graphical primitives such as cylinders, boxes, spheres, etc .. to do this I am using the command line graphics 'Molid' sphere/cylinder/lines etc... I would like to associate these graphical primitives to a simple listbox that I have created in a tk window so that when I am clicking on an element on this listbox I can hide/display the good graphical primitive. To summary, I would like to do exactly like the nice list in the Graphics->Representations window but with the graphical primitives that I have created.

  Is there a simple way to do this ?

    Thank you in advance!

       Matthieu Chavent