From: amit kunte (
Date: Wed Jun 05 2013 - 02:12:49 CDT

     I have been trying for some time to dynamically change the color of
atoms of my granular simulation each timestep.
     To this end, I am attempting to change the environment variable
LAMMPSREMAPFIELDS and the tcl command is as follows:
global env
set env(LAMMPSREMAPFIELDS) {vx=type}
Error:can't read "env(LAMMPSREMAPFIELDS){vx=type}": no such variable

Type of the atoms changes every frame and it should be reflected as a
change in the color in the VMD animation. As of now I am left with the
same color of atoms as was in the first frame.
Please tell me a way to* *make VMD reflect such changes during a trajectory*

Best Regards