From: John Stone (
Date: Fri Dec 20 2013 - 12:28:35 CST

  I didn't see anyone else mention this yet: you can use the VMD
user-defined per-representation clipping planes feature to
create slice planes like that, yielding a solid cut surface.
There is a limitation with this in that the solid cut surface
can only be seen if you render the image using POV-Ray -- for
the interactive OpenGL display or other renderers, the clipping
plane leaves the surface "open", which is not really what you want.
Use the "mol clipplane" command or the clipping plane tool found
in the Extensions|Visualization|Clipping plane tool menu.

  John Stone

On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 05:09:38PM +0000, Tomek Wlodarski wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if it is possible in vmd to create slice image, where cut
> section is filled with one color, something like this figure in pymol:
> Thank.
> Best,
> tomek

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