From: René Genz (
Date: Sun Mar 09 2014 - 08:51:55 CDT

Dear all,

on Fedora 20 x86_64 using GNOME as Desktop Environment (DE) VMD 1.9.1
'LINUX_64 OpenGL, CUDA' will crash if the following packages are
installed and the computer has been rebooted:
yum install -y sazanami-gothic-fonts
yum install -y sazanami-mincho-fonts
yum install -y ibus

One of the font packages is sufficient to cause trouble, if ibus is

Note, if you install KDE:
yum install -y @kde-desktop && reboot

and use KDE as DE, VMD will start without a problem!

It does not make a difference which terminal emulator (gnome-terminal or
konsole), which shell (BASH, or TCSH), or which display manager (KDM,
GDM) I use.

Description of graphical user interface output after starting VMD until
* "VMD 1.9.1 OpenGL Display" window opens
* "VMD" Main window is about to open, i.e. in terminal output up to line
   'Info) /usr/local/lib/vmd/plugins/LINUXAMD64/molfile'
* VMD crashes

Attached is an archive that contains the output of the commands 'vmd',
'vmd -dispdev text', and 'vmd -debug'.
Note, two different machines were used to test/pinpoint the problem,
hence different file names:
=> is the machine I encountered the problem on
=> uses Fedora, Fedora-Updates, RPMFusion-{,Non}Free{,-Updates}
repositories; SELinux disabled; KDE+GNOME installed; using KDM

=> is the machine I used to pinpoint the problem
=> uses Fedora and Fedora-Updates repositories; SELinux enabled; only
GNOME installed; using GDM

Installation of VMD has been performed with these commands:
yum install -y svgalib-devel
yum install -y mesa-libGLU-devel # required for start of vmd
yum install -y tcsh # csh
tar xfz vmd-1.9.1.bin.LINUXAMD64.opengl.tar.gz
cd vmd-1.9.1
cd src
make install

The 'Automatic Bug Reporting Tool' (ABRT) from Fedora guided me to these
pages after it detected the crash of VMD:
The bug report was closed automatically due to Fedora 18 reaching its
end-of-life. It did not got fixed, as far as I can see.

The latest development version of VMD
( has the same issue.

I did not try to compile VMD from source.

One workaround is:
yum remove -y sazanami-gothic-fonts sazanami-mincho-fonts
# no reboot required; vmd immediately will stop to crash
# there are still some 'bad font:' references to the sazanami font

If you require the fonts, another workaround is:
yum remove -y ibus && reboot
# reboot is required

I will try test builds, if you want me to.

Is more information required?

Shall I file a bug report downstream at Fedora bug tracker?
To which component shall I file the bug report?
In the new bug report I will mention this thread and the other bug
report, if you think the problems are related.

Thanks for your help :)

Kind regards,