From: andrea (
Date: Wed Sep 03 2014 - 09:38:21 CDT


I see now. sorry i did not read well. you want make a movie. sure in vmd
you can use view-change render plugin under visualization.
you can play with it a bit and then you can get what are you looking for
in change transition time

have look to some tutorial googling

hope it helps


On 03/09/2014 15:33, Dawid das wrote:
> Dear VMD experts,
> I have already solved this problem but not for GROMACS files.
> I want to make a trajectory movie, but following frames appear to
> quickly and it is very hard to actually see and analyze how
> chromophore structure changes over time. So I want to make the movie
> last longer and the frames to be be displayed for a longer timer.
> I did it for Tinker trajectory snapshots by uploading the same
> snapshot 5 or 7 times but how to do it with *gro and *trr files from
> Gromacs?
> Best wishes,
> Dawid Grabarek

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