From: Norman Geist (
Date: Mon Sep 29 2014 - 07:58:00 CDT

Change the renderer from Snapshot (Simple screen shot) to Tachyon. Additionally but optionally enable for Tachyon “Shadows” & “Ambient Occlusion” under ”VMD Main->Display->Display Settings”.


Norman Geist.


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Gesendet: Montag, 29. September 2014 12:06
An: vmd-l
Betreff: vmd-l: how to make the structures in the movie look better


Dear all,


I find in the movie produced by the VMD movie generator are not very ideal. The edges of the structure are unsmooth, whatever representation I use. This is more obvious when I use white backgroud instead of black backgroud. That seems to be hard for publication. Do you have any idea to handle this problems. Thanks.


Yeping Sun

Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


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