From: Jerry Ebalunode (
Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 23:09:07 CST

Hi John,
Thanks a lot for allowing me early acces to this release. I just put
together this amd 64 workstation this Tuesday mainly for modeling
purposes. I am really glad to have access to a copy favorite modeling
software (VMD) that would run on my new workstation. The release worked
really nice for an alpha version. However there are some issues in
opening webpdb files that I just discoverd. Let me explain.
When you run "vmd 1crn" or "vmd 1bj7" , vmd downloads the web pdb of
either these pdb codes and displays it just fine. But when you run "vmd 1epw" or
" vmd 1sft" vmd crashes on trying to display the pdb. I can't trace why
it crashes. Is there a way to do this.
 It seems this alpha release has problems in displaying large molecules
(i.e., thousands of atoms in pdb file) that are downloaded from the PDB
ftp site on my workstation, like PDB assertion codes 1SFT or 1EPW. On the
other it works fine on small molecules (i.e., fewer atoms in pdb file) like
1CRN or 1BJ7).
This problem is not seen when loading larger pdb files that are locally
present (i.e. I can display my prepared system for MD simulation and the
size of this system is 71023 atoms)
 However, I can not blame this problem entirely on VMD until someone else
has been able to reproduce this problem on an athlon amd 64 workstation.
Thanks again for the access and I am looking forward in squashing this

Could you let me know how you built this binary, you did not to mention
in your e-mail.