From: Daniel Möller (
Date: Fri Nov 28 2014 - 06:53:01 CST

Me neither. I think it would look great with our metal surfaces.

Daniel Möller

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Well, I wouldn't complain about having such a feature available =D

Norman Geist.

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> Betreff: vmd-l: Any interest in VMD supporting mirror reflections w/
> ray tracing?
> Hi,
> Both the CPU and GPU-accelerated Tachyon ray tracing engines in VMD
> currently implement mirror reflections, however this feature is not
> exposed in VMD itself (well it can be done, but only by setting some
> magic environment variables).
> It would be relatively easy for me to add a new VMD material property
> control to allow rendering of mirror reflections when using ray
> tracing engines like Tachyon, as well as programs such as POV-Ray, etc.
> I never added reflections before because they're poorly suited for
> OpenGL.
> Now that we have interactive ray tracing in VMD, it seems like it
> might be more plausible that people might want mirror reflections and
> other more advanced material properties. Reflections are clearly
> useful for making "pretty" pictures, but I had previously assumed
> that's only a very very small part of the usage of VMD. Do people
> think that would be useful enough that they'd want it added into the
> VMD material properties controls?
> Cheers,
> John Stone
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