From: Ashar Malik (
Date: Sat Mar 28 2015 - 23:30:46 CDT

The transformation is defined about the y-axis. Your approach should be to
first make the center of the sheet align with the origin through
translation. Once you done the translation rotate it by 180. Then translate
it to the new location.

After you have aligned the sheet center to the origin, you could make a
custom affine transformation to both rotate 180deg and then translate
using one move command.

On Mar 29, 2015 5:05 PM, "Mohan maruthi sena" <>

> Dear all,
> My system contains two sheet of molecules. I want to select
> one sheet and translate it to a distance of 10 angstorms and then invert
> (flip) it. I have written following tcl script,
> set sel [atomselect top z>14.0] # this selects the top sheet
> $sel moveby {0 0 10} # this translates the top sheet to 10 angstorms
> set M [ transaxis y 180] # just flips the top sheet
> $sel move $M
> The output of this script shows that the top sheet is flipped but it
> altogether goes to a new position. My question is how to make the top sheet
> flipped at the same positon [ after translating to the distance of ten
> angstorms].
> Thanks in advance for a reply,
> K. Mohan